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If you’re considering pregnancy portraits please contact the studio before you’re 30 weeks. We think the ideal time to shoot these sessions is between 32 and 36 weeks. Of course we can shoot later but the closer to your due date the more likely you are to feel more tired, retain a little water and develop the “pregnancy mask” so for your comfort we recommend shooting earlier. The studio books 2-3 weeks ahead so call to reserve your session early. We mainly shoot in the studio where we can control the lighting and backdrop and not be at the mercy of our northern climate, but can always arrange an outdoor session at a private location of your choosing.

Once you’ve reserved your session we’ll send you a full preparation package chi will tell you how best to prepare for your session. We recommend a few images in your regular cloths which we’ll give you recommendations on. After that we have many specially designed dresses, wraps and cover-ups for you to use throughout the rest of the session based on your style, taste and comfort level. We will also advise you on your hair and make-up for the best results.

Arrive at your arrange time with the clothing choices we’ve recommended to you and your partner. Apply make-up as we’ve advised or have a professional apply it for you for best results.
The session can run to around 2 hours depending on how many outfits and set’s we’ve decided on.

Samantha Wrenshall Plavins:  Absolutely breathtaking. Wow. 
Lois Nuttall: Oh my heavens - you are such a master! So beautiful.
Catharine Tombs: Unbelievable! A master artist you are!!
Janice Pellizzari: Sensational! Absolutely breathtaking!
Carissa Makila: So amazing, you are the best!!
Share Biesbroek: No words! Ah-mazing.
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Studio pregnancy portraiture capturing your great expectation to make into art.



Sitting Fee


  • Pre-shoot consultation and guidelines
  • Use of our many Props & Dresses
  • Guided Posing
  • Viewing Appointment
Belly to Baby Package


  • Pregnancy Portrait Session
  • Newborn Portrait Session
  • Printed Guidelines
  • Viewing Appointments

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