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We are so proud to be a part of this incredible project giving breast cancer survivors an outlet to help them along their recovery process through art and photography.
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she turned into a butterfly’. These words were the inspiration for Michelle Blackburn, breast cancer survivor, to embrace her scars and transform them into body art captured in print. Her experience and friendship with visual artist Chantal Hughes (also our studio lead Makeup artist) led to a collaboration with Izabela Pioro Photography to offer the experience to other survivors in Thunder Bay and along the way raise funds for The Thunder Bay Breast Cancer Survivors Group. Funds that stay in Thunder Bay and help survivors with their rehabilitation after treatment.
In the first 18 months the creative team consulted with over 30 survivors, planned and produced 22 pieces of art and created a documentary film which were all premiered at the first Butterfly Story Gala and exhibition. A book and calendars are available with proceeds going to the TBBCSG.
In it’s third year now, we continue to offer this experience to more survivors. The original exhibition has travelled to several communities in the region with a view to take it further afield in the future.
The process is a long and involved one ensuring that each artwork is truly unique and a true representation of each survivors story. Each piece takes between 50 & 100 hours to produce after consultations, collaboration meeting, artwork research and design, the day of events, photography and finally any digital enhancements to bring each piece to life.
All body art is designed and created by Chantal Hughes. All photography and digital enhancement by Izabela. Makeup also by Chantal and hair by our fabulous and talented stylists Daniela Ross, Jennifer Barrow Oshimo, Dayna Karly and Michale Whintle. Everyone volunteers their time and talent to this unique project.
If you’d like more information about this amazing project or to show your support through a donation or a book purchase please go to our Facebook page at:
or email Michelle at thebutterflystory@hotmail.com

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