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One day is not enough!

We’ve just celebrated one of the most special days of the year: Mothers Day. And after looking through all my various images for my Facebook timeline I found it really difficult picking just 7 Mommy images so I decided to blog more images of my clients who have become Mommies for the first time and for the second since last Mothers Day, because one day’s celebration is just not enough to honour the most important person in all our lives!

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Looking through these and other images I feel it’s time to say a few words to many moms who decide NOT to be involved in their babies images or ANY images for that matter. You are the center of the universe for your new baby and  you will always be beautiful to her and your other children no matter how little sleep you’ve had, how many pounds you’ve put on and whether you need a hair cut or not. Believe me I know how you feel as I too have  often been happy to “be the photographer” rather than in front of the lens, but I also know the importance of being a part of my children’s legacy.

Life is short, at times shorter than we expect and our family photographs are often all we have of loved ones to remind us of not only big events but also those “little” moments shared together.

This is not just in reference to professional photographs, although a good  pro photographer will always be able to pose and light you to flatter your best features and diminish those you’re not happy with!  But I refer to family snaps too. Don’t run and hide behind a cushion when you see a camera, smile and hug your children so that in years to come they can show their grand children where they came from and to whom they owe everything. OK, rant over :o)

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