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Thank you Demi!

I’d like to say “Thank you!” to Demi Moore who was the first star to publicly celebrate her pregnant body with the help of that iconic photographer Annie Leibowitz. And it really should be a celebration.


All of us who have been pregnant will know what I mean. Not just the fact that from the moment we think that stick is going to turn pink we feel that our bodies have instantly moved into another realm; but the fact that we are now a vehicle for a new life, a new person, an addition to our family and a mark we will leave on the world.


That’s pretty powerful in itself, but the physical body undergoes the most impressive changes. Tissue stretches, bones move, ligaments soften and lengthen, organs move, skin stretches beyond our imagination, blood volume doubles, our boobs enlarge, our lips swell, we put on weight and ultimately we metamorphose into “mothers”.


I LOVE capturing pregnancy portraits, whether a Mama-to-be on her own or with her partner, I feel so privileged to immortalize that incredible time in a woman’s life and the beginning of another. I have few images of myself pregnant with my daughters and I regret to this day not asking one of my photography friends to capture a few precious moments for me. My girls are now 20 and 19! Thats a long time for regret!


I’ve captured many pregnancies including repeat pregnancies and each one is different and worthy of celebration. These are a few images from session in just the last few months.Nikki-sb

Before Demi’s Vanity Fair Magazine front-cover women hid their pregnant forms and confined themselves to the realms of quiet modesty.


That cover changed everything and brought pregnancy “out of the closet”, giving women the permission to celebrate the beauty and power of their amazing bodies.

You may say  “she had a perfect body”  but I would say that not a single woman (including Demi) has a perfect body. We all have issues whether real or perceived! We’re our own worse critics and we ALL tend to focus on those few flaws rather than The Magnificent Whole! I’ve had clients who are for all intense and purposes physically “perfect” and yet they hate their legs, their nose, their hair, feet etc etc; and I also have clients who are “less than perfect” yet have confidence in their beautiful, powerful bodies and embrace every tiny flaw like a badge of honour.



Living in a relatively small community where everyone “knows” each other, many of my Mama-to-be’s are a little shy and rather not share their images with the world in an identifiable way, hence the headless and faceless representation in these images. I do hope however that these images still empower those who see them and give them permission to celebrate their incredible bodies.

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These sessions are best done around 34 weeks when you’re beautifully blossomed but still comfortable to move around easily. But they can be done any time, health permitting… even on the way to the hospital!! (Yeah that’s happened!)


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