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Twins boys…a rare sight in these parts!

I was so delighted when a past client of mine called and bought a gift certificate for her “old” baby sitter who was about to give birth to twin boys for a Newborn Session with me!

Izabela Pioro PhotographyNewborn twins are so rare, not least because often they stay in hospital for longer than singletons and then when they’re released Mum and Dad have their hands full. Photography is not always at the forefront of their minds. I get that. There’s feeding and keeping up with diapers and trying to get sleep and barely having time to brush your teeth at times. I remember when I was a new Mum of only one!


Z&G-20bbSo I was so happy when Jillian and Chris called to set up a date only a week after their boys arrived. I was ready and got them in as soon as possible.Z&G-43bb
I always encourage Mum & Dad to have a couple of images made with newborns. Those precious early days are so fleeting it’s a shame not to capture them, so Jillian and Chris came prepared with simple clothing and we took a few minutes at the beginning of the session to capture the new family.

Z&G-30Zachary and Griffin were awesome! Even though Griffin decided that the last thing he wanted to do was sleep, Zachary slept like a teenager and was oblivious to our draping his brother over and around him. Still we captured a few precious moments with them both angelically entwined! Z&G-26What a blessing!


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