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Tatum sits on her cake!

One of the most fun shoots I do is a baby’s 1st birthday shoot when we incorporate a fabulous cake smoosh! After a series of images in different outfits and different backgrounds so that baby can show off her personality and fashion sense we set up for the smoosh with a clean white floor and backdrop!

So when Lindsey contacted me to capture Tatum’s first birthday I couldn’t be happier! I had captured Lindsey and Steve’s engagement, their wedding and her pregnancy session. But since Tatum’s birth they have spent a lot of time out of town with Steve’s job, so I was really looking forward to meeting Tatum for the first time and the fun shoot ahead![blogshow id=a23d player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1]

All was going well until she saw the cake. A gorgeous cake made by “Fairy Cakes and Other Bakes”.Tat-60
Tat-57For the first time ever in all the years of shooting cake smooshes, this beautiful little girl burst into tears and refused to have anything to do with the cake!  Even crying she was cute!


Mom and grandma looked on and laughed as they tried to encourage her to try a taste or to at least dip her fingers into it…



But no! After 15 minutes of running away from it and looking almost terrified at the confection she made a final statement about what she thought about the whole thing and SAT on it! Yep, baby girl sat on her cake and put an end to it all!


Still Lindsey and her mom were delighted with the images we captured that day and wanted a story board to commemorate the blessed event! This 36 inch print now hangs proudly in their home!

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